'Anita Samuels brilliantly exposes how Black stereotypes are reinforced by the steady stream of negative commentary in response to today's news stories. A must read!'

—A.R. Bernard, Spiritual Leader

'Anita Samuels provides an insightful examination of the history, pros, and cons of online comments through the dirty lens of hate speech against African Americans. Her book will make you wonder about everyday people typing nearby at your coffee shop, library or job. '

—Yanick Rice Lamb Chair, Department of Media, Journalism, and
​Film at Howard University, Co-Founder of FierceforBlackWomen.com

'A particularly timely analysis of the dangers in granting a platform to every opinion — no matter how bigoted.'

—Rachel A. Dolezal, educator/activist

'Anita Samuels has expertly presented the raw, rabid and rancid soul of commentators who employ the new technology to spew hate with Gatling Gun accuracy. The sad thing is, it's honest.'

—Jounalist Nick Charles teaches Media at City College in NY City

'This couldn't be more timely!
I can't wait to get my copy!

Everyone needs this book to deal with the toxins released onto the media, and the public and private sphere by the campaign of 2016.

We have to learn how to talk without shouting. Anita Samuels bring it! '

—Claudia P

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'As we enter the new frontier of online discourse, Samuels' new book brings insight and clarity to this disturbing and harmful tread!'

—Kevin Thorbourne, author, Harlem Son"The Life and Times of K. Wendell Thorbourne